Five Favorites from Tyra Banks Presents: 15

There has been a bit of controversy surrounding Tyra Banks Presents: 15, a photo exhibit that debuted last week during New York Fashion Week. Tyra was transformed into 15 of the most famous supermodels using only makeup, no retouching. The hot topic, she dons "white face" to portray some of the supermodels. While some are calling it reverse racism, I see it as a true reflection of race inequality in the fashion industry. Earlier this week Iman and Naomi Campbell were interviewed regarding them publicly naming Major Designers who do not use black model during fashion week. Regardless of the politics behind it, I was thrilled to see Tyra's transformations. She continues to inspire and push boundaries, what more can you ask of a fashion icon? I would love to  know your thoughts!

Tyra Banks as Grace Jones
Tyra Banks as Kate Moss
Tyra Banks as Cindy Crawford

Tyra Banks as Cara Delevigne

Tyra Banks as Twiggy

Tyra Banks as Jerry Hall

Source: E Online

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