Update: Life I Love

Hey Lovelies! I hope the New Year has brought you lots of love and new beginnings. It sure has for me! I'm not sure how long it's been since my last post, but I've been a busy bee! Along with building Xtra Lush, I've started working for a great Fashion Startup as a Remote Stylist. I'm still working on scheduling my life and my blog around my new hectic schedule. On top writing for this blog, I've also started an Xtra Lush blog. So trying to keep up with both sites has been double duty. 

However, I must say that I prefer a busy/hectic life over one that's mundane and unspectacular. Last year I was working as a nanny for a really difficult family. Not only were the kids rude and disrespectful. The parents were unappreciative and inconsistent. I quit that job in December and things started to change for the better almost immediately. I am one of those people who believes you don't quit one job until you have another one lined up. In this case, things worked out exactly the way they should've. I'm now in a happier healthier place and excited for what's to come!

A few things I am currently working on for Style Studio include; 

A New Logo
A Plus Size Fashion Section (I'm going to integrate posts from my Plus Size Fashion blog Xtra Lush)
Posting Weekly
And more...

Thank you for sticking by me through this adjustment period. It will be well worth the wait! 


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