Introducing: The Model Citizen Project

In a quest to create fresh new photos and  post material, I decided to schedule a photo shoot a few weeks back. Long story short, I had to pull out the magic wand, and with the help of an amazing few turn a mess into a masterpiece. When the model cancelled the morning of the shoot my "Street Style" concept was quickly transformed into a "Makeover" piece. In the end, I was inspired to create a new series, The Model Citizen Project. 

Working with a "real person" is quite different than working with a "model". For one thing, models are familiar with being used as a canvas, they know (for the most part) that they are not necessary promoting a look that they would personally wear. For them it is a means to an end, and they have very little say in the final product. Working with Julie, I was reminded that one puts a great amount of trust in a stylist. There were a few items that at first glance, she was not 100% confident in or things that she thought would not work on her body type. At the end of our session not only did she purchase some of the exact items that she was initially unsure about, her confidence and radiance is seen in every image. 

Model Citizen: Julie M. 
Theme: Dress for Success
Profession: Grants Policy Specialist
Body Type: Petite & Busty
Style Staples: Rings, Earrings & Mascara
Accessory Addiction: Shoes 

Dress for Success

Photo Credit: Photographer: Niki Scioli , Model: Julie Milazzo, Stylist: Annette Richmond, Wardrobe provided by: Knimble Clothing & Knick-Knack San Rafael

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