Hallmark Holiday or History?

Many of my friends single, married or otherwise dispise Febaruary 14th, or Valentine’s Day. Logging into other social meida sites I found posts such as “Why do people get so excited about a fake holiday?” or “If your BF/GF really loved you, they would get you flowers and chocolate everyday, not because it’s Hallmark Holiday” or my favorite “Happy Single Awareness Day!”.

This morning my boyfriend and I were discussing the authenticity of Valentine’s Day. He informed me that the day was named after the Roman priest Valentine who went against the emperor and in the end lost his life in the name of love. When Emperor Claudius II noticed that single men were better soldiers than those with wives and children, he outlawed marriage. Realizing the injustice, Valentine continued to preform marriages in secret. When the truth was unvailed the priest was put to death.

The story I’m familiar with is one of an imprisoned man named Valentine who sent the first “valentine” greeting to his love just before being put to death. He allegedly signed the letter,”From your Valentine,”.
While the historical validity is questionable at best, the message is never lost. Love is the most powerful feeling in the world and in the words of the Beatles, all we need.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

Source: History.com

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